About us

Why Us ?


Your Estate can be serviced by a full-featured, robust Access control solution at an affordable price.

Easy and convenient

Our portal allows you to access and update information, communicate with residents, generate reports and more.

Flexible options

Our business model has been designed to give our customers the ultimate flexibility in choice of services.

Peace of mind

Tired of having to replace or upgrade your access system? With our systems in place you will always be on the cutting edge of access control technology: As our technology evolves, so does yours.

Support solutions

We have a vested interest in every site we service. Our rental and maintenance model offers our customers peace of mind, knowing that when things go wrong they are covered.


We go the extra mile!


We do not repair, we replace: You will therefore never be left in the lurch with a system that is not working as a result of faulty hardware being sent away for repairs. Our maintenance teams are on standby 24/7

Personal Service

Pick up the phone and our operational team is there to assist. We believe in building relationships: Our customers are our partners. Fast, efficient service is only a phone call away.


The resident database is stored securely and backed up daily, you can never "lose" your data.

What can we offer you ?


Our skilled team of engineers have designed our systems for high volume use in harsh environments. We have spared no expense when it comes to the quality and durability of our systems; only the best materials and manufacturing process are utilized thereby giving our product range the winning advantage. All ClickOn components are manufactured in-house, empowering us to offer exceptional service response times.

Quality Product = 99.5% Uptime = 100% satisfied customer


Our systems are extremely vandal resistant, in the unlikely event that the system is breached our service team is immediately notified by the onboard intrusion detection system. The internal diagnostic functions of our systems book their own service calls when an anomaly in the system is detected.


With the introduction of our licence scanning system, all visitor and vehicle details are scanned. When scanning a driver’s licence we retrieve all the details of the driver including a picture which is displayed on the screen offering the operator a visual verification of the driver. The vehicle licence disc is also scanned which provides details of the vehicle including the registration number, make, model and colour. This information is then logged against the person that granted access. All visitor and vehicle information is stored on a remote server only accessible by Authorised users. This service provides a strong deterrent against criminal intent.

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